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How To Match A Shirt and Tie

Alright, so you’re tired of the solid tie look but you’re not quit sure how to navigate your way through the world of pattern combinations. Putting a patterned tie and a patterned shirt together takes a little more skill but when done correctly, you’ll pull off a very sophisticated, stylish look.Image

Here are some quick tie and shirt matching tips:

Display Windows: Next time you are out, check out the store window displays for guidance.

ESPN Sports Center: During the sports bantering between host, make a note of each host’s shirt and tie combo. These guys have to look extra sharp and are always wearing the latest styles.

Color In Common: For an an easy start, make sure the shirt and tie have at least one of the same color.

Tie is Always Darker: Unless you are going for the Soprano look, the tie colors should be darker than the shirt.

Same Size Patterns are a “No – No”: Try not to match patterns of the same size or type. For example, with a wide-stripe shirt try a small repeat pattern like a pin dot or mini houndstooth. You can put a stripe tie with a stripe shirt but, once again, vary the scale: a pin stripe shirt with a wide rep stripe tie is a good match.

Bold Patterns Pair with Subtlety: Bold patterns should be paired with quieter ones: a bold plaid tie with a subtly colored shirt works best.

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