Most men have the staple white button down shirt in the closet and it’s probably rotated frequently… maybe a little too frequently with your standard work trouser or denim. Get some extra mileage out of your standard button-down this summer with these five suggested styles:

Striped Blazer: This is a SUPER hot look for the summer. Go with a grey and white sublte striped blazer.  This new staple will pair equally well with what you would typically pair a navy and black blazer with.  If you have light khaki’s, denim or even a shade of white trousers, a baby blue blazer is a perfect pair. And you don’t have to worry about using it for only social events.  Because of the combo and sublte pattern, it remains conservative but chic and nautical for a great professional summer look.

Colored Shorts: Pair a white button down shirt with a little more color on the bottom.  In a see of khaki and white, why not get noticed? A nice sublte lavender or coastal blue is a great match with the sleeves rolled up.

White Pants: This head-to-toe white ensemble is incredibly refined and inviting. Find a pair that is light weight but not too transparent. Add some shades and you’ll be hearing the ladies say, ‘Yumm-o!’

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