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Us ladies are pretty aware of the visual nature of men.  We know what strikes a cord with you and dress accordingly if we want to attract that initial glance and invite it to go much further. But did you know that we feel the same way about you?  There are certain things we notice that just aren’t attractive.  Yes, we may put up with it but our inner tigress might as well take a large dose of Ambien if these style faux pas continue.  If you want to “woo” a lady or at least get her to notice and respect your style, please avoid these three style mistakes:

1) Sneakers: Only, Only, Only for working out.  That’s it.

2) Socks: Slouch socks are out. No black socks EVER with anything other than dark pants. Always have your socks in the same color family as your suit and trousers. Never wear socks naked – ever.

3) Sport Coat: If your sport coat is not tailored then you either have just added 20 pounds or you look like a little boy in grandpa’s herringbone get-up.  Get a custom sports coat or get that thing tailored. Even if you are on the heavier side, we rhttps://i1.wp.com/static6.businessinsider.com/image/4e737f83ecad046a5c000032-401-300/michael-andrews-bespoke-studio-tailor-custom-custom-suits-mab-nyc-business-insider-dng.jpgecognize that you care enough to have it fit your physique  – just like we notice how you treat the waitress on the first date.

4) Wait!  There are 3 more we MUST share! This is a great start and the inner tigress is almost awake! But there are a few more tips to pass on before we unleash your new style – stay tuned…